First Post - Introduction

Since the beginning of 2018 I was diagnosed with High Functioning Aspergers and Attention Deficit Disorder. It is highly likely that by not diagnosing me with ASD / ADD when I was a boy it has been a significant cause of my depression. Since my diagnosis of the ASD and ADD my depression is beginning to lift and the whole of my personality and (idiosyncrasies) has been validated and explained

My parents and brother don't understand ASD / ADD mainly because they have been used to me being who I am for the last 47 years . They seem to choose to not want to know and / or are dismissive of the condition.  I've heard things such as "can't you just take pills for your Aspergers" or that the ASD / ADD condition is "an excuse" for my behaviour when things get outside my comfort zone.  Fortunatley my fiancee is very understanding and we are having training in have to communicate with each other better (which is sometimes very amusing)!

My adolescent son has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, Anxiety and High Functioning Aspergers (although we are waiting for a full diagnosis for the ASD).  My ASD and ADD does allow me to communicate with my son very easily as I know and understand how he communicates.

I am content in myself knowing I have  High Functioning Aspergers and Attention Deficit Disorder as it is who I am.