Hey first post

Hey I’m Louise I have a 10 year old son, he has been diagnosed just over a year (finally!) with autism, adhd, anxiety and learning difficulties.

A bit of background he’s always been a very energetic child very ‘boisterous’ some would say but as he got older I started to have concerns he seemed to lack a lot of awareness of danger, lack of sleep very impulsive, melt downs that could last for hours the list could go on..

He could never settle or concentrate for very long and once he was 3 in nursery we started the process which has been exhausting for years later to finally have a diagnosis!  I honestly thought after the battle things would get better and slightly easier along with the right support and I feel the complete opposite, it’s like everything is a fight for my sons rights or finding things out through friends going through similar things. 

Sorry if this is a jumbled mess this is my first time reaching out and at the moment as a parent I’m starting to really struggle with everything he’s getting very difficult and I’m feeling quite alone, I feel guilty for even feeling this way. Thanks for reading

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