New member and awaiting first appointment.

Hello everyone I first found this website back in January when I was looking for information on Aspergers after hearing about symptoms and traits and thinking to myself there is a big possibiliy I may have had it for the whole 35 years of my life.

I did some online tests think one was from a university by some guy called Cohen and I nearly scored top marks. Also I took an empathy test and that was sky high too for lacking empathy towards people.

I don' know where to start so bare with me I will share my story and shorten it as much as I can.

Ever since I was a young child I was always told I was shy at family gatherings and I really hated them too. I'd always kick up a fuss wanting to stay at home on my own in my bedroom with either my Lego or cars or games console.

All my life I've suffered with anxiety in social situations because I get worried I may not understand what the person is saying properly or it may take a few seconds for my brain to digest what' being said and then takes me a few seconds to think of what to reply as it doesn' come naturally to me. I've always found it hard explaining things to people I don't know and it' not so bad with my wife and kids because they give me time as they know I struggle.

I find it awkward at work if there's a joke being told and I very often don't get it or cannot tell when someone is being serious or telling a joke so I just laugh to pretend I find it funny but worry if the person is being serious or not. I get told I am quiet but deep down it' because I don't really want to be around people and when I do talk I come out with something people least expect. My manager said to me other month May the 4th be with you and I replied "I don't  watch Starwars" he said it again and I was puzzled until he had to spell it out to me it was a joke because it was May the 4th. Just an example.

I got bullied when I left school in college because I couldn't make friends easy and when I did they took the micky out of me for my speech etc. 

Anyway long story short it' been a struggle all my life I see patterns in nearly everything I've always been fascinated with car number plates as they tell me how old the cars are I read this can be a trait people on the spectrum can have.

My special interest in my whole life is my football team and football in general. I'm addicted to my games console and only play one game which is Fifa. Life is hard for my wife living with me too as she always says I'm selfish obsessive and she says I have an addictive personality. I always get obsessions with new things and when I do it'  all or nothing then I move onto something else. 

I always feel like I need to keep my mind ticking over doing puzzles or games as it's where I feel mostly relaxed. 

Anyway I could carry on forever but I was just wondering if anyone thinks I maybe wasting my time going for an assesment I've been on the waiting list  for 6 months. I rang the place I've been referred to from my GP last week to see if I'm still on the waiting list and the lady said it can take up to 12 months. 

Thanks for reading if you got this far.