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Hey guys i'm new to the community and i am writing about my former self. Im 16 and i have only just been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome also know as AS. which you guys are most likely to already know. But what im really wanting to know is how some of you guys felt if you have been diagnosed with AS or any form of Autism or even if someone close to you has. I want to have a greater understanding of other people's views on there feeling because at the moment i'm so overwhelmed with such big new im kinda stuck with what to feel like.

  • I felt overwhelmed by the news at first too, it's a big thing to get your head around! I realised that I didn't really know much at all about AS and that was why I wasn't sure how to feel about it. This was 4 months ago. Since then I've tried to learn as much about it as I can from as many different sources as I can find - on here and the main website, online elsewhere, books, Doctors, and information packs from various autism organisations.    

    There's a LOT of information out there and only some it applies to each person because everyone with AS is different and affected by different things in different ways. Some of the information I found was a bit scary tbh but once I decided just to concentrate on the things that affected me, it made dealing with it a lot easier.  I think it just takes time to get used to. Like anything does really! It's good to have answers at last though. 

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