Diagnosed a few months ago

Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed in October 2017 as an adult, and I have many friends and family members who are also on the autistic spectrum.

I have written a book (which I won't advertise here) from which I hope to raise money to help the National Autistic Society, but so far it's not selling very well.

Recently I have started to have trouble at work and I risk losing my job because of "communication problems", but I'll go into that in its own topic.

I hope not only to be helped, but to help as many people as I can, as that gives me a feeling of self-worth. Again, that's one of the things that's gotten me into trouble at work for reasons I can't understand.

Oh well.

  • Welcome aboard,,I also try to give help at work by trying to tell management if someone is unhappy or indeed needs extra help or support,,I am often told to keep out of it or “well  they deserve it” kind of mentality. I try to no longer get involved but I see the dynamics and so many things could be sorted if only they would stop and see the benefits of a workforce that are happy.

    take care and why not post a link to your book? It may get deleted but as it is a book that seeks to help then many other books should also be banned from a mention. Tony Atwood is often spoken of and I am sure despite the tremendous work and good he does he also profits from the sales... All good with me,

  • The book itself is called "Sir Owen: Champion of Murhaven" and its official page is here: http://stormbringer.legends23c.co.uk/c2.php

    It's supposed to sell for £5, but for some reason Amazon are selling it for less than 50p. I'm not sure how I'm going to do any significant fund raising at just 50p a copy.

    I was selling the book at work to staff during my lunch breaks, but was told by the new branch manager that doing so is "inappropriate", even though there's a picture in the corner of the front cover that says "Proud to support The National Autistic Society".

    There seems to be a double standard, because other people are allowed to run bake sales and give the proceeds to cancer charities, but I understand. I fix computers and should be treated like one.

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