Adult with possible undiagnosed autism

I am over fifty, just wondering if it is worth pursuing a diagnosis or a waste of time. I have worked in Education for a long time and always suspected that I have traits.

Since childhood, I have always struggled with social situations, avoiding them whenever possible. Always used to be possessive about friends, couldn’t cope with friends from one part of my life meeting friends from another part.

Always been at peace only when alone. Hate changes of routine. Struggle with relationships, find loss of space very difficult. Had a few periods of depression, usually when in long term relationships, even if happy.

Have worked all my life, but found it exceptionaly exhausting, particularly when living with others. When I lived alone and came home from work to complete peace, I coped. Whenever I have lived with a long term partner ( hardlyy ever), I experience stress if don’t get some time alone at home. Recently, with age as well as this, I have had work difficulties and had to leave my long-term career for much less secure employment.

I get totally exhausted if anything changes e.g. if I cannot use my usual routes. Also, if things get moved in the home. On moving house, it has always taken me 4-5 years to settle in. I do have an amazing talent for remembering certain things...faces, car number plates, phone numbers. I can recognise people I haven’t seen since childhood. Also, have recognised strangers from a meal in a restaurant a long time afterwards etc...I can remember all the car number plates from my parents and my cars over the years for no,apparent reason.

I score 37 on an online AQ.

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  • I am late diagnosed too. If it helps I have never met anyone who regrets receiving a diagnosis. Some folks have self-identified and do not feel that they need an official diagnosis, I am certainly cool with that. For others like me, well I just need to know for my own sense of well-being on one hand, and to get some legal protection on the other (bad, bad experiences in the workplace) I was over 50, I know one woman who received her state pension and her diagnosis in the same week, people have been dx at 70. You score a very likely AQ, the route many of us come in by. Only you can decide, and once you do only you can decide what to do with that information. For me, it gave me the opportunity to be a little kinder to myself, and to forgive myself too for some of my embarrassing social interactions. It has also given me permission to look after myself better, not to overload myself, to be realistic about what I can and cannot achieve/cope with. 

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