Hi, I'm a newby from the Midlands

I thought I'd introduce myself. I live in the Midlands and my son and younger brother both have been diagnosed with Aspergers for several years. My older brother also displays traits but presents differently to the other two and also has epilepsy and learning difficulties. I've been his unofficial carer for nearly 10 years which has put me under a lot of stress and I have also been displaying too many traits to ignore.

I have been researching aspie traits in females and reading one list in particular was like looking in a mirror! Some of the items that applied to me were:

Strong willed/determined yet also introverted, conscientious worker, tries hard to please others, uses a different persona in public to cope with social anxiety, compulsive traits, copies and mimics in order to fit in and many others!

I have already spoken with our GP about the possibility of getting my brother diagnosed but we hit a brick wall when he said it wasn't possible to get an adult diagnosis in our district. I was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions? If there is another route we could take I would be interested in pursuing a diagnosis myself.