Hi all

Not posted on her for a very long time. Just wanted to say hello. I must say this forum has become slower and harder to navigate since it originally started! Don't know how many times I have tried to sign in now.

I don't have autism myself but my son does He is now 18. We have had to battle the system in every way possible to get what our son needs and deserves. Along with this, I have worked professionally as an autism support worker for 10 years and for the last 6 years a manager of an autism resource and information centre.

I also run my own autism forum here. https://theautismforum.co.uk it looks a little empty at the moment as I have only recently resurrected it from an old backup I had. Funnily enough, our forum originally started in 2005 and the NAS at that time came to us asking about running a forum community before this one existed. Sadly we lost ours due to a bad hosting provider.  Pop over and say hi if you wish, everyone is welcome.

The Autism Forum