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I have not been formerly diagnosed even though I fit many of the criteria. I am scared of what a diagnosis would mean, but I also hope it would help explain why I am the way that I am. I find social interactions terrifying which is really frustrating because I love people. However, I can only handle them for short amounts of time and only in small groups. I spend the majority of my time escaping into my books or writing. I have always had touch issues when it comes to fabric. In fact my mother complains about the fact that she couldn't get me to wear jeans until I was in highschool. To me they were just too scratchy. Even today I still dress to be as comfy as possible and do the touch test when I'm shopping. I went to college for a few years but it was extremely hard for me. There were so many people and stimuli. The worst part was when we had to get on the buses. I really hate people in my space. I really actually do hope that I get the diagnosis because then maybe I would think that I wasn't crazy. I have just always felt like there was something wrong with me because I couldn't seem to handle what other people could. Why is college so easy for others but it was such a nightmare for me? It's been very frustrating for me. I hope that tells you guys a little bit about me.