I’m new here... my daughter is 3 year old and looks like she has HFA

 Hi all,

Sooo long story short we have had a long fight for our daughter  she is now 3 years 4 months, she has presented with bevourial problems since she was a baby...... absence episodes although they have pretty much ruled out epilepsy, these episodes can last anywhere from a few seconds to a couple of hours ( the longer ones she presents as if she is in coma noted to have a GCS of 4-6 unresponsive to any pain and unable to wake with pin *** pupils) her first prolonged episode was at 4 months of age and have continued from then to now, the shorter episodes present as absence epilepsy but EEGs say different so we have been told they could be sensory, Ava was around 18 weeks when she first smiled, over a year before we had any laughs or babbling and was around 2 and half before she could put two words together, from around 3 she has almost a full vocabulary if not higher than the average 3 year old, she appears to live in her own little bubble multiple personalities, and more than a few traits such as her own specific space, routine, sensory processing to name a few........

We have now seen a new doctor who feels she appears to have High fundtioning Autism and has referred to CAMHS we have been told he waiting list is over 1 year to be seen and that it could be a hard battle to get a diagnosis as she is a girl...... from the reading up I have done I can see it is very different and I am now even more confused!

Does anyone else have a girl with autism who go a successful diagnosis at a young age??