New user, pretty sure my sons school think theres some underlying issues, possibly asd i dunno.

Hi, i apologise if this comes out like word vomit but im not sure where to turn as my sons teachers are not keen on giving me a straight answer. 

Some background info, my little one is almost 4, the youngest of 3 and only boy. He didnt speak a word until about 2 years old. Health visitor said nursery might help, i put him in the nurseey for 2 year olds at my older kids school. He was 3.5years old when he moved up into thenext class in september 2017 and the month after we had a parents evening. They rasied a few things with him speech but i knew he was behind with that. 

In december i was called in for a meeting on his development. They told me hes quite behind and asked me if theycan referr him for speech therapy. I said yes as even i was struggeling to understand him tho he has developed his own little sign language is the only way i can describe it, he does actions with for example fried egg he will make the sound off the egg crack while doing the action of cracking a egg open. Scrambled egg he says mik mik mik (mix mix mkx) while doing a mixing action. 

Just before his first school session with the speech and language lady i was called in again for a meeting after school one day.  During the meeting the teachers started expressing some things with me about the way he is. Until that day id put no thought into it and just thought it was just the way he is, but the more things they brought up the more i started to wonder if they suspected something,  their main issues was that he fixates on things, he has interests in most things boys his age do but he has periods of intense interest in certain things. The first one was motorbikes, then bintrucks, right now its dinosaurs. Another issues they raised was he cant count, he struggles with it. If you put 5 blocks infront of him he tries to count he says 1,2 and then will either say1,2,1,2,1,2 or 1,2 lots lots. They also said he has a one to one support teacher who has been helping him with sharing and interacting with the other kids inthe class as he struggles with interactingwith them. They said he prefers to play alongside them and is struggling to gage when other kids do or dont want to play ect. Another thingthey brought up was theway he gets really upset with his clothes, the first one was tags, the feel of them drove him mad. He no longer wears socks as the seam, he feels it and just freaked out when i put them on him, he did used to wear them but would complain while getting dressed, now he complains about the buttons on the shirt. They brought up other things like getting his hearing checked as that might be way hes struggeling with speech and communication. 

His first speech session lasted a hour. When he went back to class we had a chat. She asked if she could referr him to a educational psychology peadictrican as she noticed that he made little eye contact with her and some things withhis attention, asked some questions about whats he like with routine change which hes not great with. She said she was going to observe him more and do a report. 

We had parents evening again tonight, my little lads teacher told me the head teachers approved him to have a sen teaching assistant along side his regular one to one teacher, normally they wouldnt so youngbut they feel it coukd benefit him. Hes also having another speech person come in to work with him.they also brought up his motor skills, still struggles witn holding a pencil the correct way and writing, he recognises his name butcamt write it yet.  

I came out and asked bluntly if they thought there could possibly be a underlying reason as ive never put any thought into it until recently with the meetings and questions im being asked.  They said they arnt saying it is but they want to explore things to get him the support he needs

Im totally in the dark as to what to expect next when we meet the educational psychology peadictrican. All i know is that this person deals with children that possibly have sensory issues or other things like autism or those on the autistic spectrum. I feel well bad that i honestly didnt think anything of my little boys ways, i just thought it was just how he is but when i think about whathis teachers andspeech lady have been asking and raising to me has started making me wonder. 

What happens next and what can i do to help him? 

(Sorry for rambling xx)

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