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i received permission from Ian Dale, please check with him and reinstate my post. You could of asked where I got my permission from before deleting 

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  • P.S.... Please regard my previous Post. This here post is due to my noticing that you have begun another Thread with the same Title. It is a good idea to simply have one Thread, else it becomes too confusing or may be regarded as "Spam". This Thread has more than one reply, and so this Thread is the one that should be focussed upon.

    EDIT! - I apologise again! The other Thread with the same title is copying yourself, and so they may be spamming and not you! This is at One in the morning... 

    ...In the unlikely event that this is yourself using two different UserNames...? (NAS36723?) This is not a good idea and you risk becoming Deleted for certain. All of this is nothing to do with myself, and is in the "Community Rules".