Holly - The moderator

i received permission from Ian Dale, please check with him and reinstate my post. You could of asked where I got my permission from before deleting 

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  • Greetings from myself to IndigoAngie...

    You have perhaps begun a precedent in *naming* an actual "Moderator", here...? 

    Now that the deed is done, I shall try to watch this Thread with some interest, and see how it turns out for you. Do not be too surprised if this Thread suddenly disappears (is deleted) however... NAS may become very annoyed at this sort of thing, and may also at least "Lock" this Thread.

    There are indeed other "malicious" persons infiltrating this NAS Forum, yet I myself do *not* believe that you are one of them. And that is why I contribute here and also "Like" this Thread...

    Finally... if you do not understand all of that, then, well, I apologise and so do not worry too much about it (!). Fair Play to you in any case.

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