Low AQ test - 23. ?Worth getting assessed

I have been really struggling. I have lived and worked in many places and have given up finding a place to fit in. I am now is distant with most of my family and friends. 

I am 38 now and unemployed for a couple of years after a high intensity job in health and I really struggle putting myself out there. I prefer to hide and watch tv series. 

Many of the social aspects of autism really resonate with me and has helped me blame myself less for my terrible situation. The feeling of social isolation seems OK now and hating myself for not trying harder etc more. 

The problem is my AQ test is quite low at 23. I fear that if I go through with formal testing and assessment I might not get much support and it maybe invalidating. 

  • I wouldn't place too much faith or emphasis on the results of a self-administered online test, they're really just a very rough guide at best and often misleading. If, having read up on autism, you really feel it resonates with you the best thing to do is to speak to your GP about why you feel this. Tell your GP about the ways in which autism resonates with you and ask what they think - assuming they know you fairly well.


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