Hi, I am looking for advice.

Next week I am going to see my GP about the autistic spectrum. What has brought me to do this is, when I was in hospital I had an MRI and an evaluation under my assigned nurse who told me I showed "strong signs of autism" (as she described). At that time I didn't really know what autism was but over time I met people, did my own research and a bit of "self-discovery". My closest friends have asked if I've ever been tested and through entering a work place I've noticed my obscure differences to others socially. 

I want to get proper help for my problems with social communication in order to do better in my job as you must work in a team. Plus I need to understand how to cope with my brain as it often shuts down in being able to speak or I have "anxiety-driven" meltdowns in the work place due to being highly over stimulated by how busy I am along with sound intake. I work as a chef so I am bound to be stressed but it is much more intense than my colleagues and often impacts my work or communication which like I said is important.

As a 17 year old I have been told I would have been found to be on the spectrum at a younger age also, however I have also discovered through research females are less easily recognised and even some people male/female aren't diagnosed till they're in their 20s or 30s. As well as this I am transgender. I have met people on the spectrum and people who are transgender, I have also met transgender autistic people. I always relate more to those on the spectrum who suffer with gender identity disorder. This is because most transpeople I have met do not suffer with the same communication issues and sensory problems. Whilst those who suffer from both I relate to significantly. 

By the way I am a female to male transgender, looking to find out if I am an aspie. I have been out as transgender since aged 10 and living as male since aged 14 after an attempted suicide in which I was told I showed these "strong signs of autism". After hospital I was given the diagnosis of Gender Identity Disorder, OCD, Mixed Anxiety and Depression Disorder and Adjustment Disorder. 

I wondered what I can expect from attempting to receive a diagnosis.