Hi. I am About to go on the journey.


Im Matthew, 37 and I am about to go on the journey to be referred for an assessment.  I have known deep down that I do have Autistic traits for a number of years and now is the time to confront it.

My best guess is that I have Aspergers.  I function but it takes sooooo much effort.  I have read and learned from books about body language, anthropology psychology. 

When I am tired, all the learning goes out of the window and I can be a little insensitive.  Not an excuse, but it can be difficult.

i know I will have to wait 3/4 months but hey.  Can anyone tell me what to expect?  Is it questionnaires etc?  I know that I hit all the developmental markers as a toddler (walking, talking) but that’s all that my parents can remember.  I can remember primary school vividly.  Including first year.  Is that typical? 

Anyway say hi.