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  • Hi my names kimberley or Kim I’m 26 I have a 4 year old who was diagnosed last year with autism
  • im having a lot of difficulty keeping nappies and pull ups on him no matter what I try
  • he also bites a lot when he’s at school in fact it’s been over 100 times since he’s started he goes to a special needs school 
  • does anybody have any advice 
  • Hi Kimberleyalice,

    One question: do you have a behaviour therapist working with him?  Biting is quite common.  It's signifying something - quite probably anxiety (is he biting himself, or others?)  Also, he may be hypersensitive to certain fabrics or materials, which is why he doesn't like the nappies.  I work with autistic adults, and many of them have such issues.  One of them refuses to wear any form of underwear.

    Have a look here and see if there's anything that can help you...

    Helplines and Advice

    and also here


    All the best,


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