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hi my name is blue (that's not my real name but i'm going with it) and when i was in elementary school i was diagnosed with high functioning autism or Asperger's syndrome but basically autism and my life is good but it's still been hard at times. so anyway i'm here to meet others like me or people with experience on autism and i will ask for help or ill try to help you guys with the experience i have gained as well and i'm here for fun to as well as the other reasons. so ask me a question if you want or ill ask you one but let me start with this...should it be autism awareness or autism acceptance.

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  • Tied into such complex and tricky semantics of language is another related question I've often thought about, which is linked to the topics of awareness and acceptance...

    What are we best calling 'it' ?!

    "High functioning Autism"? - Personally, that doesn't taste right to me, as there somehow seems an inherent value judgement on those people deemed 'low functioning'.

    "Autism"? - I suspect the Neurotypicals just hear this as 'learning difficulties'.

    "Asperger's" - eh, what's that?!

    "Asperger's Syndrome"? - ooh, I have a syndrome now?! Too pathological.

    "Autism Spectrum Disorder"? - ouch, the last word is loaded with waaaay too much negativity.

    "Autistic Spectrum Condition"? - again, too medical... and negatively loaded... as most people want pills and procedures to cure 'conditions'.

    "Neurodivergent"? - way to obscure for your average NT.

    My personal preference would be 'Neurovarient'. Alas, I just don't think that's ever gonna catch on.

    We need to sex it up a bit, in the interests of Public Relations and raising awareness. How about, "God Mind"?!  ;-)

    ("I'm so sorry for my meltdown, it's just that I'm lucky to be blessed with God Mind - and I therefore see and experience so much of the complexity that you Mortal Mind's don't")