Theory on Autism


I have a Theory.

For me I believe when we are born the brain runs a programme in each of us that makes us learn to walk, communicate, and socialise etc. What if something we consume blocks that process? Remove what is causing the block too late and the brain has formed too far the wrong way. Remove it early enough and the brain will revert back to the original programme and develop the correct way.

There is no consistent study that shows all autism is caused by something in our DNA.

Parents with no family history of autism have children with autism.

Children with autism often have bad guts. Why is it not more logical that something we consume causes the bad gut and therefore impacts on that programme of development rather than the less logical explanation that something in the brain is causing something to occur in the gut.

Just wanted to introduce the idea and see what people think.

Parents Reply

    Good Fortune to "NAS36357", and, since the Post is so long, I Post a Link directly to *that Post*, rather than Quote parts of it...!

    I really hate to Post this, since I might gain replies telling me off, or something... yet now, that which you last state has attracted interest from myself also. I have another Thread, which is similar yet quite unrelated... correct me if I am wrong, yet you are discussing, here, one possible "cause", with good evidence to support this...?

    (I Post here, because I think that your argument IS valid. Had you Posted that experience in the first place, this Thread would have taken a very different turn, yet straight to the point?...)

    For my own part, I suggest that what you have found is a sort of "internal anchor" for Autism to develop... that is, here, something in "Milks" which allow Autistic effects to thrive. Your evidence shows this, and it is highly intriguing. My only counter is that, if "Milks" alone caused "Autism", then *everyone* would have it; Thus I say that you are correct, yet it is rather something in the environment (external factors, both old and modern) which continues to cause it... just like any other developments such as short-sightedness, Asthma, or Gluten-Intolerance... it is an individual thing.

    "Milk" (or similar) + ?External Factor? = Autism Increases.

    ...I hope anyone properly understands this Post and, if not, then please do not hate me too much...?

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