We're to start

My son is 6 he's waiting on diagnosis ATM he looking at getting excluding from school as they don't no how to deal with him and as he isn't diagnosed there hands are tied  my son had chams may/June waiting on letter so dont no what to do now I'm single mum and work with other children too and I seriously don't no what to do no more ( my son he's got the most beautiful soul and is so intelligent he has heart of gold just so misunderstood he can't cope with noise he don't kick off he just walks out classroom as it way he copes with it he dislikes being told if you demand off him he shuts down he doesn't have empathy he can't deal with change well he sleep pattern rubbish takes things literally he lacks social skills hates new things places etc n lacks communication skills family members he doesn't talk to still to this day  he never starts conversation he has to hug u when he wants to ) i can go on the list