Newbie - Mum to 17 year old high functioning autistic son


My name is Denise.  I am mum to a 17 year old son who was diagnosed at 16 as being high functioning on the autistic spectrum.  

It would be lovely to make some on line friends to share the highs, joys and not so highs of ASD.


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  • Hi, my daughter is 16 and was diagnosed in August 2017.  I would be interested to know how, like my daughter, your child got to 16 without us noticing it.  It's easy retrospectively to see the traits but how did I miss it!  Also I interested how you cope with the apparent stubbornness.  How the neck do you get someone with high functioning autism to change their mind or realise that there could possibly be another point of view.  I'm getting nowhere with this!