New to the forum seeking advice on female autism diagnosis

Hi, apologies if this isn't meant to be here but I was wondering if anyone had exeprience with female diagnosis.

I've questioned a few times in the past whether I had autism but always dismissed it as I didn't meet all the characteristics severly enough and in the past few years I've grown a bit more sociable and just thought I may have been an odd child and a slightly weird adult.

However, I came across some information recently about how female autism can differ from the male-centered criteria for autism and I fit into most of the characteristics so clearly. Like extreme hoarding as a child, few social interactions, obsession with fantasy role-play, reading and writing, random vocal outbursts (that I have now), repetitive depression, no intimate relationships. I was wondering if anyone other autistic women have experienced these female-orientated symptoms or if they have no real credibiltiy in the medical field or evaluation. I would not like to go an ask for a referral if these types of things wouldn't be taken into consideration.

Thank you.

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