New here, looking for a diagnosis!

Hi all

This is my first time here so apologies if I do this wrong.

I'm mid 40s and have always suffered from anxiety/depression and am now seeing similarities between symptoms of autism and myself. Is the only way of getting a diagnosis through your GP? I'm quite paranoid and I think my GP thinks I'm a hypochondriac so I hate the thought of having to go to her, I'm sure she'll just think I'm attention seeking or making it up.

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  • Hi NAS36160,

    It sounds like you might find the 'Adult diagnosis' page here on the NAS site helpful. You can find out about the benefits of diagnosis, how the process works, and what support you can get if you are diagnosed. You can have a look here:

    It is true that most people get a diagnostic assessment by being referred through their GP. If you have concerns about your GP being unsympathetic would it be possible to see someone else?

    If you'd like to talk about this with someone directly, please feel free to contact the NAS Helpline on 0808 800 4104.

    Best wishes,

    Ross - mod

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