am I over reacting

Hi there

A little backstory... I am a mum of 2 boys there is a 16 yr gap between them. my oldest is 17 my younger child is 15 months old. I have had a lot of issues over the years and was not meant to be able to get pregnant but in March 2016 we found out we where. since then its been a rollercoaster. I was poorly through pregnancy, then little one was born struggling to breathe, then months of reflux and hernia in the belly button. Its just been one after another

Over the months with the little one, I was noticing small things like he doesn't look when his name is called (he does sometimes). he is dangling his dummy mainly in front of his face he is always hanging his dummy on cupboard or gate, when it doesn't stay he gets frustrated and bits the gate or cupboard. he is having a few outburst each day, resulting in him repeatedly banging his head, hitting me or trying to bite me. he wakes around with things on his head and gets really upset with certain noises. He has always made growling noises and always looks tired. some days he is wiped out and sleeps more some days he can run up and down the room. he has a certain corner in the living room he sits in but pushes people away whenever they stand there. 

Part of me knows he has all the signs of autism but my family and partner say he is just bad-tempered., and I need to stop his behavior. when I tried to say my feelings I get told why am I wishing that on my child. I am feeling so awful right now and feel like I am overreacting. I have an amazing friend who I face time every day her son is autistic, and she approached me and told me she could see all the signs. that's before I said I had my feelings about him.

sorry for long post but I am just exhausted and I guess I just need to know i have support somewhere. 



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