3 year old son may have autism

Hi everyone,

So we are in the middle of getting our little boy diagnosed atm he is pretty much non verbal just the basics hi, bye, mum and & dad etc he really is difficult when it comes to meal/snack times has anyone got the same problem? Im really worried he is going to starve, i have been trying to get him to drink vitamin drinks but even with that its hard. He is constantly getting colds and flu aswell. He is at nursery but he doesnt seem to interact with the kids there but seems to be ok during group time. Also he hates to be touched its quite hard to get him to give a hug etc although he seems to be ok with me just other family members.

Would like to know what everyone elses stories are? 


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  • My LG is 3 and when she was 2 her nursery had concerns as she did not answer to her name in nursery. So we had a hearing appointment in Sept 2017 which was non conclusive and so we were Advised to get a SOGS assessment from the health visitor. Our LG scored low on a few Areas so she was referred to the local “Children with additional needs team” where it was decided that she will be referred to speech language, the paediatrician and for play therapy. Our LG has some language but most of it is language she has learned from watching tv Peppa Pig etc which is her absolute favourite. She can recite entire episodes. She has no conversational speech. But having said that she has started to ask for things and will bring me her cup when she wants a drink etc. She plays alone and does not give very good eye contact to anyone apart from me and my OH. She does love her older brother though aswell and he is brilliant with her. So it’s been a bit of a whirl wind and if this time last year someone mentioned autism I would have laughed but she is showing a lot of traits at the moment but we love her very much and she is still the same to us. We just want what’s best for her. We of course have no diagnosis yet so will of course see what the paediatrician says but just wanted to let you know you are not alone. We are unsure as to how to talk to our LG too but what definitely helps is using small sentences and one word instructions to so we don’t confuse her and she responds well to that as we are hoping it will bring on her speech.

    she is a good eater but some days will eat loads and other days will eat hardly anything. We would love if she tried new things x 

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