Adult Aspergers

Hi, I'm 56 and I'm new here,  looking some guidance for Asperger information and support, the things going wrong in my life I'm noticed a decade ago, just a year ago started to dig deeper, I did a tons of research online and I think I found the name of my dark moon side. Two months ago I've have first appointment in local GP,  and they sent me to Talking Therapy service, I've been twice already, and by the symptoms I was told it highly possible it's Asperger, they suggested to register to this site as they didn't do assessments for Asperger, I'm really wanting to to nail the bug which effects my family, my job and my health 

 I'm appreciate for any guidance and respond


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  • Anyway I'm feeling better, I've started to apply my new knowledge how to deal with uprising emotions, starting to understand cases how past traumas happened. 

    When comes to the uprising emotions, I found that deep gentle and even pelvic breathing really helps, where you imagine in a sense that your lungs are in your pelvis, and you pull the breath down from the centre of your chest, as if your heart is your nose and mouth.

    It takes a bit of practice, but if you get in there with it early ~ you can better control and eventually stop the emotional build ups and deluges from coming out, and also as such recycle the emotional energy for other more practical things.

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