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Good day all. I'm Mary, the NT wife of a late-diagnosed spouse with autism, mother to a teen daughter with autism as well as another teen with profound, complex developmental & medical needs. I've joined this UK community, despite living in Canada as there seems to be much more knowledge & openness about late-diagnosed, married individuals & their spouses out of the UK. In North America the focus seems to be solely on children. I hope to find spouses in a similar care taking position as mine, those with autism able to perhaps advise on ways to best "reach" a spouse with autism & a generally supportive community that can understand the day to day challenges of such a situation.

  • Hello and welcome. I’m 45 and was only recently diagnosed and my daughter is likely to be too, but I don’t want her to be diagnosed as it would damage her career choice. My spouse isn’t on here so I can’t introduce you, but welcome


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