New member + New to ASD(Son 4 years old ) Help?

Hi I am a mum to two beautiful children , Lilia 6 and my son Riley who we think is on the autistic spectrum we have had our suspicions since last year , well mainly me it has taken a long time for my husband to realise , an we are now awaiting referral I am currently having help from parents plus weekly but we have had them out 2 years previous , nothing working atm I have resulted in looking for help my self with looking for other parents in same boat , I don’t know much information about autism , just what I have read recently and now I am adament that my son is on the autism spectrum I have worries as well about my self being on the scale due to similarities between me and my son , I deal with daily meltdowns from him and challenging behaviour and he will have a melt down mainly in shops we do not go no more and usually with food being hot or not positioned correctly , I also wanted to find out more information on my self as I recently found out it could be hereditary and the similarities of myself not liking certain lights or touching food . Love to meet new parents to talk on a regular basis with tips and strategies and calming methods . Thanks for reading looking forward to meeting you all soon . Lucy x 

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