Autism and writing - newbie

Hi There

My daughter is 11 & was diagnosed 2 years ago... She’s very social, but does have some issues with emotions and understanding emotions etc... 

She is mainly battling at school with writing, and putting thoughts down/remembering what she wants to write etc... She finds this very difficult and becomes very anxious about it...(but covers it up very well!)

ive read up about Dysgraphia and the link to Autism... Does anyone have any info on this or do you know about it?



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  • Consider testing for dyslexia as well as that can be part of dyslexia and when being tested for that she should be tested for dyscalculia - maths equivalent. 

    They might also test for Irlen Eye Syndrome, if she has issues with the words in a book, like waterfalls/rivers running down the page or fish swimming across the page, (an effect from the white gaps between the words), they will do tests and from that they will try different coloured transparent overlays to help reduce/eliminate that effect. Should be tested annually in case she gets used to the colour and needs a change of colour, also you can get coloured paper for writing and printing on. Some people have tango orange or darkest purple overlays, others have much paler colours. 

    A lot of people think they are dyslexic but just have Irlen Eye Syndrome.  A lot of dyslexics have Irlen Eye Syndrome. 

    If she is clumsy, ask for Dyspraxia testing, poor spatial awareness, fall over, trip up, can't catch the ball, can't hit the ball, open cupboard doors into your face or across your shins, things like that. 

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