20 month old!!

Hiii! Im new to all this! 

My son is 20month old. Young I know! We are awaiting his first assessment which will be 12th December. I strongly believe my son is autistic. I have family members and friends that keep saying to me ‘your being silly, he’s just a normal toddler his age’ 

I believe my son is normal, I find his behaviour very odd at times! 

Spins everything and anything he can, tantrums can last 3 hours, wakes up crying every night, flaps his hands infront of his eyes, walks up and down my living room constantly looking out the corner of his eyes, wont eat, has no interest in toys, take him to shops and he screams, take him to baby groups and he stands at the door wanting to be out, opens and shuts doors constantly, looks away from people when they try talking to him and won’t respond at all, same routine when I put him to bed, walks circles around anything he can, spins in circles constantly, the list is endless! Sometimes I worry I am being over the top and when the assessment team come out I’m worried they are going to tell me that I am being silly aswell. Anyone else out there that has a child as young as I have that has been diagnosed?