New member - I think I'm an aspie..

I recently met an Aspie (online, and then in person), and she told me that I am one, too.. I did some reading, and many of the traits seem to resonate with me, so it seems likely she's right.

I don't think I need a diagnosis, but have joined here to find others who may be in the same position and would then understand me.

I have worked with computers and moved into programming (to make computers and computer-controlled equipment, do useful things.

While I tended to get on with colleagues, I have had almost no friends outside work, and since I became self-employed, have little contact with others.

I have always found it difficult to start a conversation with people, but I do better, online. Sometimes I get on with someone and manage to meet them, later - I tend to contact people from abroad, and then try to meet them during my travels.

Most days I only talk to the cats that visit me. I have discovered cat cafes in recent years, and have visited 10, so far.. including in Prague, Bratislava, Vienna and Budapest.

Sometimes I haven't spoken to anybody for weeks, but communicate online most days.

Even with people I know, including my siblings, I prefer texts and emails to phone calls.

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