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Like so many others, I have long lived with this affliction without realising that I was a sufferer. I'm 45 and since I was a toddler, I have shown many a behavioral trait associated with Aspergers. I had a traumatic childhood which led to me having to become independent at an early age. Since then, I have had several relationships that ended badly and being told that I need help. In the end, I consulted my GP who said I was manic depressive with anger issues. For a very long time, I have been on many different anti-depressants, all of which have barely helped, other than to mask my true feelings from others. Around four years ago, it was suggested that I may have deeper psychological issues and that I should seek counselling. This is something that I intend to do but I keep putting it off. It was around this time that I looked online for help and advice and I briefly entertained the idea that I may have Aspergers. I show so many traits, but I thought it may just be coincidence. Fast forward to now, and recent events in my life have made me question this possibility again. I read an article that was directed at adults who want to learn more about Asperger. There were many things that were covered that I can relate to, which I can elaborate on later if I get any replies and the time to do so. I took the online test that has been recommended on this site and I scored 41. I answered as honestly as I could. It's weird self-analysing oneself. I am wondering whether I should try to seek a diagnosis, just to confirm what I already know, or if that is a waste of time. Any advice would be most welcome.

I am currently experiencing a huge upheaval in my life, I've started a new job that I don't feel I'm suited to, my marriage is on the rocks and my father passed away recently. I also have a stressful claim against my former employer where I had an accident and sustained an injury from an accident that wasn't my fault.

Anyway, thanks for reading.


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  • Hello Phelix . I think upheaval is an understatement! What a lot you are having to cope with all at once. That is four of the top stress factors all at once. I hope you have contacted CRUSE for bereavement counselling. They are extremely kind and supportive and will listen. Sometimes you can arrange for a regular weekly chat for so many sessions which may be useful to you with so much going on.  On top of that you are on your own personal road to discovery. If you search undiagnosed or newly diagnosed you will find conversations on the subject of whether to get a diagnosis or not. It’s a very personal decision. Some people are content to remain self diagnosed and some prefer to have the assurance of a diagnosis. Reasons vary for both. Anyone would have a hard time coping with all that at once but if you think a diagnosis would help you then go for it. 

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