Hi Im new to this


I am a worried Nanny

My 2 year old grandson is showing signs of autism and I dont feel like anyone is taking our concerns serious

He isnt talking, he doesnt interact very well, he doesnt like a hug, he keeps flapping his hands, he doesnt respond to you when you talk to him

Can anyone please help and advise

Many thanks in advance x

  • Hi, I'm new here as well, newly diagnosed with autism, and I'm not sure that I've got anything to offer here but I just wanted to say hi really and just extend a bit of moral support. There are others on here with more experience and knowledge but what came to mind to me was to maybe join a local support group for parents of children on the spectrum. I'm just thinking they would be able to not only offer support and discuss your concerns with you but they will most likely know what is happening in your area etc and they will definitely take you seriously. The support group I just joined has parents of children on the spectrum and many of them are not yet diagnosed or they failed the assessment. They get a tremendous amount of benefit by being in the group where other parents and people on the spectrum share their experiences and tips etc. 

    There are information pages on this website and there might be older posts that share a similar concern. I feel for you, as a newly diagnosed autistic person I am quickly finding out how much misunderstanding is out there, in the medical profession and in general. Have you tried more than one GP?

    I sincerely hope you get the support you need, it sounds like you're doing everything within your power. Maybe read up on the early signs of autism and ways in which you can help your grandson and his parents.

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