Hi, New here!

Hi everyone

I'm mid 40s, live near Glasgow,  and was diagnosed late last year. I'm still trying to make sense of a lot of things.  I've had some support from a good friend in a similar position - we've figured out a lot of things that make sense.

Have been off work for a couple of months and having had some discussions with Staff Equalities and Staff Welfare am hoping to start a phased return soon. 
I've also been invited to join the Equalities forum (I work for the Local Authority) and it's been suggested that I be involved in promoting awareness to managers throughout the organisation.   I'm hoping to make a difference.

I have a few hobbies and interests that occupy me and often one becomes a main focus - leaving the other interests by the wayside. I'm trying to 'train' myself not to let that happen now that I'm aware of it.   I love all things music - instrument making, listening, seeing gigs, recording, live sound. 

  • Hello K welcome to the forum. It certainly sounds like you have a full and busy life. I hope your phased return to work suits you and get back to a level you can manage. I hope you have had a look round the forum and found topics which interested you.