I'm not good at writing subject headers

People call me something. Although I call me me hence my choice of username. I am not sure what one writes in an introduction. I was diagnosed with ASD Asperger syndrome 84 days ago after 36 years and 84 days of not knowing and I am still getting used to that. Its funny (in the odd meaning rather than the laughing meaning) because afterwards it made sense in a way that other diagnoses or suspected diagnoses did not, even though one could tick a lot of boxes on symptom lists. For a long time I believed that I had avoidant, schizoid, dependent, schizotypal and obsessive personality disorders. Only the first two were penciled in as diagnoses for me. I understand that there are some overlap in criteria. I also experience dissociative disorder which I believe to be how my brain adapted to being autistic (and not knowing) to allow me to get through difficult situations by myself.

So I am about to click post, but I thought I would just add that I often I plan to write in the comment sections of newspapers I subscribe to online and I must have written 100s of comments but never clicked post. here goes.

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