Hello Everyone!!

Hello all, I'm new to this site so thank you for having me here!!!

I'm fairly new to this Autism thing as I only recently found out trough a discussion with my Dad back in May or June of this year that my learning difficulties is actually Autism and since then I've done some research although not a and decided to try and find out certain things. I seen a few months back off this site (The National Autistic Society) that I think it was 75% of Autistic people feel isolated, I've felt that way my whole life and really want to find out other peoples experience and if they have happy lives.

So more on me now as I've basically stated why I joined, so my name is Sean I'm 26 and I live with my Dad in Glasgow, I'm currently Unemployed although I'm trying to change that. I feel I'm a fun outgoing person who loves to chat, I'd also like to have more friends in life if I'm honest I don't have real friends near me all my friends are online and a distance away from me, I'm into my music I like Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers I also like Eminem, U2, Whitney Houston and loads more. I'm really into sports - mainly football although I will watch Rugby and Snooker and I occasionally watch WWE Wrestling. I also have ambitions of travelling the world.

Well I think that's me for now, hope to catch you later.



  • Hi Sean. I don't quite feel qualified to welcome you since I am brand new too (Canada here). But since you don't have any other replies yet, I'll just say hi and welcome anyway. If you're like me, you'll appreciate reading some of the posts on here to temporarily get rid of that feeling of isolation. It's my personal view that the experience of isolation has more to do with not being understood than with being geographically separated (even tho the latter can cause the former).

    Just knowing there are others who are similarly wired has been oddly relieving. In my case, I haven't shared my diagnosis with work, family or friends really - just 5 people know (plus my cat) and the diagnosis is new to me this year as well. So I'm learning a lot just by reading posts.

    Well, hopefully you'll get some better replies from veterans of this site, but for now this reply will have to do. And in the meantime, try reading/answering some of the threads. Even just the titles are nice to read - indicative of like-minded folks.

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