New to this and awaiting diagnosis

Hi, I'm 23 and have been referred to be diagnosed for Asperger's by my university therapist.

I'm currently wanting to find out more as I understand its a broad spectrum and can show very differently in women then in men.

I'd like to understand more about what traits of my personality is specifically on the spectrum.

Thank you (: 

A question on my mind at the moment is a recent thing from Tuesday, and I understand how I acted seemed very weird to my boyfriend and the people around me. I want to know if this is part of the Asperger's or I'm just over reacting and a bit of a drama queen.

We had plans to see a concert and I like to plan my travel from a-b precisely otherwise I get great anxiety. My boyfriend decided to change the stop I originally planned to get of which was slightly unnerving but I went with it. The train we got on didn't stop at this station although we were told it did. This started to make me annoyed more then I think It should have and anxious as it meant we would be late and I hate not sticking to times. The next train also didn't stop and we found no trains were leading to this station but we couldn't go to the next stop as they wouldn't allow us out of the gates even when I offered to pay extra.

This made me incredibly anxious as we were not only stuck in the station with no way of getting to this place, but we were running late. I became very stressed out and anxious and ended up crying and having a complete freak out in the middle of the platform.  Safe to say wasn't one of my best moments but I couldn't help it.

Sorry for the long windedness of this, just was curious about that incident as its not my first of those.