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My name is Amanda. Today, my 11 year old son was diagnosed with Autism by his Paediatrician. He's not severe and is probably on the lower end of the spectrum. I just don't know how to feel as I'm mixed with all types of emotion. A part of me always knew as I went through the process of seeing a Paediatrician when he was 4, referred by his Infant School, but was told that it was probably down to immaturity then. He has always struggled socially with his peers, has certain things that he takes a huge interest in and can become obsessed by, repeats himself and can takes things very literal. To me, he is my wonderful little boy of whom I would never change for the world. I have constantly worried about him throughout his school life so far and continue to do so because I fear people won't understand him or pick out his differences. It was his Junior School that referred him to a Paediatrician this time before his SAT's earlier this year. Now, he has recently gone to Secondary School and seems to be settling in well as have been told by his SENCO and form tutor. I just don't know what's to happen next after this diagnosis. I always want what's best for my son. I would love to hear from anybody who could give me any help or enlighten me as to what happens next and if there is anymore I can do to help my son the best that I can.

Thank you for your time and any response given.

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