Identifying causes of alleged anxiety

I suffer from chronic depression, as well has having been diagnosed as on the autistic spectrum.  I have been re-referred to a psychiatrist, who tells me that a lot of my current problems are caused by anxiety, and I need to resolve the issues that are making me anxious before they can help me further.

The trouble is, I don't actually feel anxious, never mind be able to identify what it is that might be causing it.  I've tried suggesting various things that could be causing it to the psychiatrist, and the only response I get is along the lines of "well I can't tell you what's affecting you".  Can anyone suggest any way out of this impasse?  Or if I can indeed be said to be "feeling" something, if I've only got someone else's word for it that I'm displaying the symptoms?

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  • Take what I say as a fellow sufferer of "Chronic" Anxiety AND Depression. The "CHRONIC" means that you are used to it, and so what you need to identify is not what causes it, but rather WHAT makes YOU YOURSELF RELAXED or LESS ANXIOUS/DEPRESSED. Start a diary or a notebook, and jot down whatever makes you LESS anxious/depressed... it does not matter what it is: a tree, a bird, a paving stone, a person, an event, a kind word...anything at all. You must do this for a long while, before you may identify what cancels out your feeling relaxed, and then you may begin to identify and jot down the difference in both feelings for yourself. The main point there is to ignore how OTHER people say they feel about the same matter. No-one knows you better than yourself.