Health and well being ; challenges of exercise

Just found this article whilst researching core muscle strength in ND and thought it an interesting topic for discussion. 

Do you relish sport or are you a couch potato? Does going to a gym, joining a team, coordination issues put you off? Or have you found a way to enjoy keeping fit? 

I like walking in open countryside. I tried line dancing and aerobics but couldn't learn the moves or keep up. I hate chlorine and feeling of swimming pool water and our local pool is closed in and claustrophobic. I have been in open air pools which I liked. Gyms are too noisy, too busy and overwhelming.  I have played badminton on a casual basis in my youth but rubbish at catching a ball. I learnt to ride a bike but my coordination and spacial awareness makes it very tricky so I thought of a tricycle or recumbent but they're expensive.. 

What are your experiences of sport and exercise?

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  • Apart from gardening I pretty much get no exercise at the moment and I don't like it but it's hard to know where to start again as I' probably the least fit I've ever been.

    I was a very active child most of the time and by the time I was 11 I had a pony, so rode all the time until I was 18, I also swam for the school and did high jump, nothing amazing but I loved it until about 13 or 14 when I began to disengage with school etc.  I rode other people's horses in my thirties and was fit as a flea but that ended and I got less fit because there's never really been any plan for activity, I think I was just always quite active.  In some respects I dislike walking, it makes me miss horses, that's a much more satisfying way of getting about though I think I'd be too nervous now, had my share of dramatic collisions with the ground!

    Around ten years ago I decided I needed to do something so I bought an elliptical cross trainer second hand and dutifully got on it three times a week for around a year, hey presto, fit as a flea again, we used to ride our bikes as well a bit then but then motivation deserted me and ended up back at square one. 

    Tried swimming which lasted a while, we have a nice local pool and I can cope with the chlorine as long as I have goggles but even when it wasn't busy there were too many people to negotiate.

    About four years ago I was really fed up with myself and I was earning my gardening money so I joined a local private gym, they were friendly and it was very quiet, three or four people quiet and with headphones in I quite enjoyed it in a way, especially liked the rowing machine but I don't suppose that is bad back friendly.  I think one problem I have is that I get overly competitive with myself  and push too hard so the enjoyment goes out of it as you can never win, also I seriously find being all hot and sweaty extremely uncomfortable. With that and restrictive opening hours the gym went out of the window in less than a year.

    That's when I bought the Pilates machine and a ball after watching uTube  videos, your not wanting to get on the floor made me think of it, once I'd got a bit stronger I loved messing around on the ball.  They come in different sizes but are bigger and more stable than you might think, even just sitting on one to watch tv engages your core to keep you stable and the exercises can be very gentle.  I found it a lovely squishy thing to engage with but then another dog arrived and there was no room any more in our sitting room for my ball so it got deflated and that's where I'm at now.  I don't walk the dog that much, we are his fifth home and whilst he's not awful, he's not the easiest either so it can be a bit stressful on my own.

    I know I've always felt happier when I've been fitter and it would help with anxiety, but what to do, especially when motivation is at an all time low?