Health and well being ; challenges of exercise

Just found this article whilst researching core muscle strength in ND and thought it an interesting topic for discussion. 

Do you relish sport or are you a couch potato? Does going to a gym, joining a team, coordination issues put you off? Or have you found a way to enjoy keeping fit? 

I like walking in open countryside. I tried line dancing and aerobics but couldn't learn the moves or keep up. I hate chlorine and feeling of swimming pool water and our local pool is closed in and claustrophobic. I have been in open air pools which I liked. Gyms are too noisy, too busy and overwhelming.  I have played badminton on a casual basis in my youth but rubbish at catching a ball. I learnt to ride a bike but my coordination and spacial awareness makes it very tricky so I thought of a tricycle or recumbent but they're expensive.. 

What are your experiences of sport and exercise?

  • According to the official BMI.  I am obese.   So I'm on a 12 week health and fitness course.

    My main form of exercise is walking, uphill if I want to exert myself.   And I do a lot of photography, so I also explore local parks and woodlands. 

    So instead of catching a bus.  Walk!

    I have cut down on the amount I eat and I check my weight on a regular basis.

    In two months I've managed to lose 5kg and now I can fit into most of my clothes.

    But the BMI index still says that I'm obese.

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