Please help me I'm desperate

I posted a few hours ago for advice on respite care for my Autistic son, I'm sitting here holding bad the tears so my husband doesn't know, can't talk to him as here's had years of stress and is on chemotherapy. He's not son my biological father but as been a good dad to him but he can not take anymore stress and as had to walk away. I'm desperate and feeling alone in this, I'm afraid for my welfare and mental health, I'm dreading everytime the phone rings in case it's my son threatening to kill himself or harm I've got no energy left in me to fight anymore. I wish I could magic money so I could afford the places that he could go to but I just don't have it.

Please does anyone know of any services that assess for immediate respite care for him. Our mental health service doesn't understand autism the last time he had them involved they were ment to send someone round to see him the next day after discharging him. Only to find they forgot which ended up in cutting himself up as he felt no one care and he was worthless. 

I live in the Warwickshire area. I'm desperate and really don't know how longer I can't cope. 


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  • Hi Julie - I've seen your posts and feel for all of you.  Mental health services are poor in this country as there isn't enough funding.  I know  saying that's doesn't help but it's a shocking fact of life.  Have you rang the out of hours social services duty team?  If not then do so and leave them in absolutely no doubt about your situation.  Also contact your local councillor and whoever is the Chair of Adult social services and also the Director of social care - check out the council's website.  Also contact your MP.  You should not have to do any of these things but it's all I can think of which may help to put pressure on the services to respond.  I have been in a position where I dreaded the phone ringing - the worry and tension shreds your nerves.  I wish I could be of more help.  I hope your son will accept any help which may materialise.  x Crystal