As I recently discovered that I am autistic and lights have always been a problem for me, I would like to get sunglasses and wear them everywhere.

Do you wear sunglasses indoors?

Where would be the best place to get them? I do not like shops and meet strangers, so the best way would be online.

If, I buy them online how can I know that they will fit me?

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  • Hi California,

    I wear glasses all the time (varifocals), so I have transition lenses that darken naturally in the light.  They're a pain when I come from the light to the shade, though, because they take a while to return to normal.  I'd suggest maybe speaking to an optician about special glasses - that's if you want to spend a bit more money - or maybe speak to your GP.  I don't know - maybe you could get something prescribed if you're light-sensitive. 

    Some websites for glasses companies have a facility where you can upload a passport photo and 'try' various glasses on - but that's more for style rather than fit.  To be honest, I've never had a problem with fit with any bog-standard sunglasses I've bought.  Many of the better quality ones are adjustable, too.  Maybe just buy a cheap pair online first to see how you get on.  You can always grade up.