Help with surgery process

Dear all,

My Son George is 17, severely autistic, non-verbal and with oral and nasal sensitivities.
He needs an operation to remove his toenail, when we went into hospital we had a terrible time. He refused to take a pre-med due to its smell and taste, the medical staff tried to restrain him and administer this through a syringe. He is 6ft + and is 17 stone, so through his panic, we couldn't manage to restrain him. They then tried gas, but George refused to have the mask over his face and became very distressed off the back of multiple failed attempts. In the end, we had to abandon the procedure and is now traumatised and obessesively re-living the event. He definitely needs the operation, so I need advice from anybody who's been through this.



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  • I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I expect it was traumatic for you to see your son in distress. I hope you have resolved the situation by now. I'm new onto the forum and only just found what you wrote. Diazepam is one answer or something similar to help calm the patient down before you leave home in order to be able to carry out procedures once you are there. I hope your son has recovered from the trauma .. it takes a long time.. even hospital experiences which aren't traumatic are still disturbing for me.  I do rethink them especially if I need to go for a new condition. Procedures feel like an invasion and I need time to settle again for a few days afterwards. 

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