16 month old Twin

Hi, this is my first time trying to get advice or help and not sure where to start.


I have a set of 16month old twin girls and 2 older girls at ages 5 & 7,


Last week one of my twins was diagnosed with Autism,  She has shown a lot of traits from an early age and they are both struggling with a developmental delay.  They have had a rough start to life by arriving prematurely and then spending a long time in PICU for Heart surgeries.


Im not sure where we are heading with such a early diagnosis and everyone who is involved with them (i,e Physio, Speech & Language) are surprised that she has been diagnosed so young!


They have had genetic tests done for an array of things and this has all come back clear! 


Has anyone out there had their child diagnosed so young and what things can i do to help fight her corner, and by experience what is life really like with an Autistic child?  The other twin is just as delayed but will smile and make eye contact.  DO you think i may be heading down a similar route?  They will see them both again in 4 months time.


Any advice will be gratefully recieved,


many thanks, a very sleep deprived and anxious mummy x 

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  • Hello, I know this is very old, but I have read your post, I am worried about my daughter too, I have made my first post on here and would deeply appreciate it if you could see if your daughter done any of the stuff my daughter is doing now, 

    Please would you tell me how you went about getting help and the diagnosis, and what the process was? Thanks so much, i would appreciate anything.

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