Rejected for assessment

I went to my dr a month ago to see about getting diagnosed as being on the spectrum as i struggle a lot and since my youngest was diagnosed with autism i now know that i am on the spectrum too.

Wrote a big list as i struggle with communication, took my husband in with me for support and also wrote down my aq score of 43.

Today the dr has said the autism team do not want to see me as they dont think i have autism, how can they judge this without seeing me, the dr kept saying that they were the autism experts and they would know, i can not believe they dont want to see me, i listed all of my issues/problems down and just dont know where to turn to next, the dr gave me an option of going private but as i understand it a diagnosis private is not regonised on the nhs?

The team had also said they dont take into account the aq test, surely that should give an indication that someone should at least be assessed, just feel like i am completing wasting my time

Can anyone advise what should i do next?