ASD & Bowel problems NHS

My son is 10 and has been diagnosed with ASD and motor/vocal tics. He has been suffering from bowel issues for about 3/4 years but only recently did I realise there is a link between ASD and the gut so his psychologist has only been focusing on the ASD and we have been seeing a paediatrician about is stomach. He suffers from chronic loose stools and can spend hours on the loo with an upset tummy. We are currently under the hospital but I'm getting frustrated that the consultants seem to dismiss the issue as trivial. We last had an app in Feb and the next one isn't until May! Has anyone else had issues with the NHS taking the bowel issues seriously? I'm definitely going to mention the ASD next time we go. I'm starting to lose faith in the NHS as it's been three years since I first raised it with my Dr and they have only carried out a handful of minor tests in all that time. They seem to think that because he's growing and putting on weight he's fine 

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