Doubts about gender identity

My experience, based on a rather small sample, is that there is a strong overlap between being on the Spectrum and having at least some doubts about ones gender identity.  Possibly our lack of social awareness (= tact) means we are more ready to admit to something that most people would keep well hidden.  Possibly there is a real correlation.

At one point I found that of the four male Aspies regularly posting to a small forum, three had well developed female personas.  Too small a sample, but interesting.  Another forum member was a paintball ref and really one of the lads (and female).

Anyone else willing to speak for themselves?  Any parents noticed boyish girls or girlish boys?

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  • There is a lot of mixed messaging going on in this discussion from my personal observation.

    The distinctions of Dysphoria rather than Identity delay and the differentiations between sexuality and its ordinary developmental confusions, in my exprience would do well to have a "Datum" or two. ( central point of reference)

    Homosexual identity discovery is a process that can be very mixed and prolonged for those people not on the spectrum. The injection of social preconceptions and fears will only confuse further.

    Homosexuality is not Gender Dysphoria, but gender dysphoria can be experienced whilst discovering sexual identity. Mosly when it is a matter of discovery rather that a foregone matter of indivdual experience.

    The tendancies toward literallity is a key factor and component in this process, as is the modern option to sugically persue an individuals choices.

    The process of personal elimination will most certainly pass the issue or gender dysphoria, as it is a natural passage of questioning in the dicovery of sexual identity, that is not hetrosexuality.

    The normal ASD manner of extreems in assesment make this more so. The realities of surgery and the sexchange process will most certainly be an appropriate part of this understanding.

     It is paramount whilst discussing all sexual considerations not to be leading and to allow for very much longer assimilation processes. In a world that seeks to polarise and fix "who" and "how" we are. This fluid concept will enable greater health in any ASD person. This area has its own fluidity and is a very good basis to introduce the concept of hidden movement, WE DO FEEL.

    "Brain Sex" by Anne Moir and David Hassel is an informative book that gives the stepping stones of this emmence subject, a balanced and open basis from which to launch. It is not exclusive in it's findings but presents the basis of our development as sexual beings into a simple and informed context. The notion of homosexuality as a result of environmental hotility, whilst contentious, be it fact ? The presence of homosexuals as people of this world is as long lived as ASD and their dissenfranchised status throught the recent centuries is no different in it's struggle to the struggles we in the ASD Community face today. The Idea of a single linear status is clearly dispenced with.

    It took me Twenty years to clearly identify who I am, with regard to sex and sexuality. With the possibility of abuse as an added component of the vulnerability That is our ASD this can be a long and lonely and confusing journey. Before you seek to coach an ASD person on these subjects, please check your baggage at the door and inform yourself of the lives of those living the experiences you wish to understand.


    There is a plethora of evidence and at times in each generation anger. Of hetrosexual interpretations of the gay community which is diversity on endorphines; being innaccurate because it does not consult the community it wishes to describe and represent. 

     5 generations of ASD and a fruit in the basket in every generation. I am the 3rd of these wonderful people and we have a great history. savants and more.

    I am the Butch alfa #1 survivalist, with a warrior mentality, All woman. All *** and All ASD 

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