Doubts about gender identity

My experience, based on a rather small sample, is that there is a strong overlap between being on the Spectrum and having at least some doubts about ones gender identity.  Possibly our lack of social awareness (= tact) means we are more ready to admit to something that most people would keep well hidden.  Possibly there is a real correlation.

At one point I found that of the four male Aspies regularly posting to a small forum, three had well developed female personas.  Too small a sample, but interesting.  Another forum member was a paintball ref and really one of the lads (and female).

Anyone else willing to speak for themselves?  Any parents noticed boyish girls or girlish boys?

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  • It's an interesting question.  My partner who was my husband had treatment for gender dysphoria, transitioned from male to female and is now much happier.  Our son was diagnosed with Aspergers.  I think there's a genetic component to Autism - there's not usually held to be one with gender dysphoria as far as I know.  I myself am bi and mix in the bi community where there are a lot of neurodiverse and gender variant people and I see some overlap.  For myself I notice some AS type traits, and I'm on the butch side as a female ... definitely not the usual stereo-type woman.  I like the diversity of the bi community very much!

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