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Hi everyone

Hubby and I took our four year old to paediatrician today who has referred us for an assessment as it appears she has a lot of autism traits although he couldn't say where on the spectrum she is.  She is having violent outbursts (with me as recipient) chewing, licking, being loud, obsessive about water, no social interaction with children, not sleeping well, can't concentrate etc etc etc.  It is a relief to finally be listened to and be referred for assessment.  Alongisde this she is due to start school in sept and I have started the statement process.  

I am desperately looking for help & support and he gave me this website address :-)   Just to know we aren't alone is great.


  • hi - have your tried a rewards system - better known as a benevolent form of bribery?  This may work with getting dressed, brushing teeth etc.  If she has sensory issues with toothpaste or something else related to toothbrushing or if there are sensory issues with clothing, then it probably won't.  Tiredness will make things worse for everyone + if you're her main carer then you're likely to take the brunt of the outburstsFrown.  I can understand how difficult/upsetting all this must be.  Have you asked for a statement of educational needs so she can have the support she'll need whilst at school.  Also for yourself you can ask for a carer's assessment which may entitle you to regular breaks.  Everything's a battle, esp in this economic climate, but unfortunately we have to keep pushing ahead to get what we + our children should be entitled to as a right.  It sounds from your post that you've learnt a lot already, but there's always more to learn.  My son's an adult now + I'm still learning because he changes a bit as he matures as well.  You need to take care of your daughter but don't forget about yourself.

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